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Automate Form Data into Multiple Tables

Jun 21, 2021

It's common to use one form to capture data that "lives" in multiple areas within your database. Most often, this is because one form is collecting data that belongs to more than one table within your data structure. For example, you may collect client information and then require a payment to be made, all on one form. In this case, you are likely store client information in one table (Clients) and sales transaction data in another table (Sales).

Using an Airtable form in this example will not produce the results you need, so leveraging a more powerful form tool like JotForm will be required. However, building the form alone won't get the data where it needs to go! You'll want to build an automation that takes the data from a new form submission that breaks the data up, one step at a time, and gets it where it belongs inside your database.

Check out this video that outlines this specific example and start implementing multi-step form automation into your most advanced forms!


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