Airtable Template for Christmas Cards

Airtable is a fantastic tool for managing processes in your business and life. One thing that I track in it every year is sending holiday cards. It's arguably an older tradition, but I love taking time every year to sit with my family and recap the great things that occurred. We then compile this in our holiday newsletter that gets printed off at FedEx.

The part that we manage with Airtable is the tracking of addresses. Every year, our friends buy new houses, relocate, and generally make things difficult. So I built a template that stores all this data. More importantly, it walks through the printing process for these envelopes that we print off directly from the database (thanks to the Page Designer App).

This template is available for you here. Even if sending holiday cards isn't a part of your family's tradition, I hope that you can repurpose these ideas in a way that enhance your work!

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