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Airtable Blocks to Track Projects and Tasks

Feb 17, 2020

Project Management is something many of us struggle with in some shape or form. Given the focus on efficiency, we want to make sure that we are getting the most out of our 'work-time' and this means finding ways to do things faster and with greater accuracy. This becomes even more true when your managing a team and trying to keep all the other moving pieces humming along.

Blocks come in very handy for this very thing. And while we've reviewed different blocks before, we are long overdue for a full-blown "Project Management Dashboard" in Airtable. I've chosen to focus on four specific blocks for this demonstration.

The Time Tracker Block:

Ready to have your team log their hours worked in a quick way? This block allows for that very thing. Whether you're using it to pay someone for their time, or you just want to track your time, this block allows you to get insights in what you're working on and for how long, all with a few mouse clicks.

The Gantt Chart Block:

Although we reviewed it before, no project management would be complete without a Gantt Chart review. This block gives us the ability to see our tasks on a timeline, graphed from Start to End date/time. In this video I describe how I built colors for each task to tell me at a glance if anything is getting missed!

The Summary Block:

One of my favorite blocks, the summary block lets you build a quick, single number output. This one is perfect for those high-level KPIs (key performance indicators). In this example, I show how to perform a summation of all the unpaid projects, so that you could see what your Current Accounts Payable are at any moment in time, just at a glance.

The Chart Block:

A good graph tells a story without a word, so you'll certainly want to leverage a chart or two in your Project Management Dashboard. In this video I create a graph that breaks our Accounts Payable into each contractor so that we can see the amounts owed to each person on our team. Other use cases might be tracking payments over time, or tracking the number of late items delivered by team members over time.

The possibilities are only bound by your imagination - as you can see there's an Airtable Block available for just about any situation.


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