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Airtable Biggest Limitations (& how to overcome them!)

May 30, 2022

All software has limitations and Airtable is no exception! Time and time again, clients reach out to us asking if Airtable can solve specific problems, but we are always wary of these limitations from the tool. That said, limitations in Airtable are generally simple to solve by turning to 3rd-party tools outside of the native Airtable environment.

This video outlines the three limitations of Airtable and also details how you can overcome these limitations and still move your projects forward. I break down each of these limitations in detail:

  1. Record Count Limitations
  2. Sharing Airtable Access
  3. Basic Airtable Automations

Check it out and start overcoming these limitations to take your Airtable projects to the next level! Plus, when you're ready to start using automation, check out my free training that teaches the fundamentals 👇



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