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Airtable Automations - New Features

Jan 25, 2021

Last week, Airtable quietly shipped some new features for Airtable Automations, including one new trigger and one new action step! These new additions will allow you to build more complex automations and are available on both the paid and free plans!

New Trigger: At a Scheduled Time

This new trigger allows you to schedule your automations for specific dates and times. Although we have built work arounds for this in the past, we can now set up scheduled automations directly in this new feature. The scheduler can be built in one of two ways: (1) either triggering at a specific interval, or (2) on specific days and times of the week.

New Action: Find Records

With the new action of finding records, we can now explore our database to locate specific records in our automations. When building this action, we can use static conditions (search for records with conditions that won't change) or we can use dynamic conditions (referencing earlier steps in the automation for our search conditions). This is an advanced function that can find up to 100 records in your database!

With these new features, I'm excited to see that Airtable is continuing to make improvements to their automations. Performing automations directly inside Airtable continues to be the cheapest and fastest solution, and now it's a bit more flexible, too!


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