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A Quick (Must Have) for Every CRM

Sep 24, 2019

This recurring thing has been happening to me lately and it’s driving me mad. On multiple occasions in the past several months, businesses have taken time and money to market to me. Then, when I’m ready to buy, I hear nothing but crickets from them! Most recently, this occurred when an arborist came to my door to introduce himself and offer his services. I was happy to take his card, because we have a tree in our front yard that needs some help – it has a broken bough and we need to fix it soon before it impacts more of the tree.

So of course, I call the guy back. Only to not hear back for a few days. Then, after I reach out again, I finally talk with him. He instructs me to send him some info in a text and he promises to follow up. Fast forward a few more days and several follow up texts from me. I’ve heard nothing more from him and now I’m looking for another arborist.

Why does this happen?

This individual took money and time to print cards and then canvas neighborhoods in an effort to generate business. Why would anyone spend that effort upfront without a reliable system to support the operations?

Here’s the reality: if you business operations don’t give your customers a seamless experience from “introduction” to “project complete” then you have room for improvement. Hopefully your system isn’t resulting in dead leads like I’ve been experiencing, but either way there’s likely room for improvement! 

In this video, I show the most common two tables for any CRM. Also, we discuss how to use a Rollup + Lookup combo to bring in only the most recent information to the contact level. This specific use-case is one of those things that we see time and time again, especially when tracking contacts and interactions.

P.S. I know I promised to showcase a sales dashboard this week – I’ll have to take a raincheck for next week – this was just too pressing and I had to get this out right away!

P.P.S. If you know a good arborist in the Denver area, please let me know!


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