Speed up your Airtable learning.

Sick of spreadsheets? Airtable Automation Accelerator will help you build automations that save time and boost productivity.

Spreadsheets are a time-suck

There's no better way to kill your productivity than to be bogged down in redundant tasks. 

  • Maybe you're sick of entering manual data...
  • Maybe your business is taking off and your clunky Excel spreadsheet is just not cutting it anymore...
  • Or maybe you've finally calculated the hours and hours of time wasted by using spreadsheets.

Clunky spreadsheets can lead to data errors, never-ending updates, file conflicts, and lost work. Not to mention the lack of organization.

This isn't what you envision your work day looking like, is it?


Automation is the answer

You've probably heard that automation is the key to boosting your productivity. Maybe you've even built a few Airtable automations of your own. 

You're ready to do more! There's just one problem...

Airtable has a steep learning curve.

  • How do you link tables?
  • How do you create formulas that don't break?
  • How do you use blocks to visualize data? 
  • How can you solve issues with integrations?

The only solution is to spend hundreds of hours searching YouTube for answers and learning on your own...or risk hiring some random freelancer on Upwork. 

Or is it?

There's a better—faster—way.

Instead of trying to learn Airtable on your own, take the smarter path. Get expert guidance to speed up your learning and automate your business.

What if you could:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Increase your productivity and revenue generation
  • Track leads and communication
  • Gather and calculate data—automatically
  • Assign tasks to your team, based on timelines and priorities
  • Migrate all your clunky spreadsheets to a streamlined solution
  • Take full advantage of the power of Airtable
  • Save hundreds of hours per year

You can. You just need training from an Airtable expert.

Gareth Pronovost

Airtable Expert, YouTuber, GAP Consulting CEO 

Hi, I’m Gareth.

In 2017, I was working for a billion-dollar public company that still used spreadsheets to report their data. Reports had to be manually updated and printed on 11x17 paper. I spent hours on redundant data entry and administrative tasks, which prevented me from doing the work I had been hired to do as a financial analyst.

It was a slow, confusing, and inefficient way to work.

With Airtable, all of that changed. I was able to organize data and eliminate hours of daily administrative tasks through automations. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses harness the power of Airtable to do the same.

With an optimized Airtable set up, your time, money, and focus stay on growing your business.

Introducing: Airtable Automation Accelerator

Airtable Automation Accelerator is a comprehensive training program that includes a self-paced video course, private community, and group coaching.

Course Outline

Click the arrow next to each module to see what you'll learn.

A successful build saves you time by optimizing your processes. This is why we start by mapping your current processes--so you build something that fits how you work.

  • Map Out Your Processes
  • The Importance of Mind Mapping
  • Guidelines To Get All The Right Details
  • The Best Tools for Mapping

Before you begin automating and organizing data, you have to understand what Airtable is capable of. In this module, you'll learn Airtable's features, and what each one does for your data. You’ll also learn how to organize your data in a way that gives you clarity and insight, rather than overwhelm.

  • Airtable Terminology
  • Custom Tool For Planning Tables & Fields 
  • Exploring Airtable Field Types
  • Dependent vs Independent Data
  • Identifying Data Sources

Time to build out Bases! In this module, you’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls when planning your Airtable Base. You'll also learn best practices for organizing and managing data fields.

  • Building the Framework
  • Linking Your Tables
  • Using Lookup Fields
  • Using Roll-up Fields
  • Using Formula Fields

Ready to automate those repetitive tasks? Be it sending emails, chasing invoices, rescheduling, or manual data entry – this module will help you identify what you should automate, and how to translate that into Airtable. You'll also learn how to use additional software integrations, like Zapier.

  • Zapier Terminology
  • Custom Tool For Planning Automations 
  • Zapier Built-ins
  • Zapier Resources
  • List of my favorite software integrations

It's time to build your automations. In this module, you'll learn the most common automations, and how to set-up triggers and actions to make your automations come alive.

  • Connecting Your Accounts
  • All Available Triggers (Airtable, Zapier, Other sources)
  • Action Steps For Each Type of Trigger

Before “Setting & Forgetting” your automations, you need to stress test them to ensure you can rely on them. In this module, you'll learn how to do just that. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot errors.

  • Test Zaps Before Enabling Them
  • Zaps From Updated Records
  • Zapier Task History
  • Unpacking A Zapier Status
  • Common Problems with Airtable Zaps

Blocks are mini apps in Airtable that add layers of functionality on top of your workflow. The problem is the sheer number of Blocks available! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. In this module, you'll learn which Blocks are the most valuable, and how to use them to get the insights you need.

  • Do You Need A Block?
  • How to use Summary Blocks
  • How to use Chart Blocks

What you get*

*all features available on Pro and Premier plans

30+ video lessons

Whether building your first automation or working on advanced formulas, you'll get strategic, step-by-step videos to help you level-up your Airtable skills.

Private Slack community

Each module has a dedicated discussion in the private chatroom where you can ask questions and share notes with others who’ve gone through the training.

Group Coaching

Got a specific question? Join our weekly Group Coaching calls to get help with your automation. Can't make it? Don't worry. Submit your question ahead of time and watch the recording later!

Formula Vault

Access a library of videos designed to guide your syntax and use of all Airtable Formulas

Private Coaching

Get private coaching with one of our Airtable Specialists included with your purchase.

"We appreciated the step-by-step process that started us at the very beginning of mapping out our processes, taking us through data choices and then into the harder stuff! This made us back up from what we were doing and helped us better SEE where we needed Airtable to take us."

Julie Kessler

"I loved the structure of the course. My favorite chapter was the first one: so helpful for the structure of my database! I’m really excited about the result! Loved your teaching method too! So much clearer than when I try to explain to my colleagues what I’m trying to build…"

Laurence Rivard

Get support with your Airtable bases

The complete Airtable training for business owners, freelancers, and savvy employees.

  • Step-by-Step Airtable training - Discover how to structure, build & troubleshoot your Airtable bases with a proven process to automate your business systems
  • A private Slack community - Tired of learning alone? Connect with other students, get answers to your questions, and share your wins
  • Weekly coaching calls with Gareth - Join the live calls and get Gareth's help with your Airtable bases.
  • Searchable Q&A Library - Can't make the live call? Access past calls anytime via the searchable library  
  • Feature Updates - Stay in the loop with new Airtable features

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Choose the option below that works best for you. All plans include 30+ video lessons engineered to help you get up to speed with Airtable fast.




  • Unlimited access to the course 
  • Private Slack community
  • Weekly 1-hour Group Coaching
  • Coaching Library
  • Formula Vault ($500 value)
  • 2 one-hour private sessions with an Airtable specialist ($400 value)
BUY FOR $747




  • Unlimited access to the course 
  • Private Slack community
  • Weekly 1-hour Group Coaching
  • Coaching Library
  • Formula Vault ($500 value)
  • 2 one-hour private sessions with an Airtable specialist  ($400 value)
BUY FOR $1647




  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Private Slack community
  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching
  • Coaching Library
  • Formula Vault ($500 value)
  • 15 one-hour private sessions with an Airtable specialist ($3000 value)
BUY FOR $3747

What Could Automating Mean For Your Business?

Here are a few student success stories:

D. Bensted

"We deliver training to three different types of institutions over the whole country. I have set up an event management system with zapier that creates all the tasks and their due dates associated with each type of event as soon as it is created. I use different views to enable people to work with either events, tasks, venues etc. Each event has an associated DropBox Paper doc for notes and communication... The ability to do this has come from what I Iearned from you."

Diane Elkins

"The biggest benefits for me have been the community connection and on-going support as questions come up and the Airtable brain gets weary. The momentum in project development and the learning curve for Airtable have been much harder without your coaching calls and other resources. Your knowledge combined with your generosity have been game changers for me and my business."

Anna Wolf

"I built the editorial calendar of my dreams (we're a content marketing agency). We've tried every editorial calendar tool out there, but the one we built in Airtable has functionality I've fantasized about for years. Now we have a master calendar of all the content currently in production, while clients get their own personalized calendars AND they can submit content requests that go straight to the calendar. And we're still thinking of ways to make it better. We love it!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few questions people ask before joining!

When you join the course, you'll have access for as long as it's available (and we don't have any plans of going anywhere). 

If you can use a computer and Excel/ Google Sheets, you're all set!

The course is designed so you’ll learn how to build complex bases alongside me – all of which translates directly over to any base you’d like to build. If you have questions beyond what’s covered in the course, great! Post your specific question inside our private community or one of our live Q&A sessions.

Not at all. There are learners of all levels inside the course, from beginners to more advanced users. You'll learn how to think about automation and how to build your own. You'll also get answers to questions about your specific Airtable bases and formulas during the coaching sessions.

Once a week, Gareth hosts a group webinar and answers any questions that students have asked. You don't have to attend live - every session is recorded and shared in our Group Coaching Library.

Airtable is like a box of legos and can be built to any shape that you imagine. We see a wide range of industries putting it to use in unique ways. The only real deal breaker we've found relates to HIPAA compliance, which the software isn't currently certified for.

Great question. That's why we show you how to create a strategy, plan your requirements, and outline your automation structure first. In this program, you're not just learning how to use Airtable, you're learning how to think about automations. And you'll walk away with a process that you can port to any other tool. 

Absolutely. We discuss new features in our coaching sessions shortly after they're released. Over time, we add new content to the course to update the training as well.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just email us within the first 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your payment--no questions asked.


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