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How one data specialist is using no-code to help you build a more profitable business.



In 2017, I was working for a billion-dollar, public company that still used spreadsheets to report their data. Reports had to be manually updated and printed on 11x17 paper – it was like stepping into a time-machine (and not the cool kind).

Then I discovered Airtable, and suddenly I was living in an entirely different world…

With Airtable, I was able to organize data and eliminate hours of daily administrative tasks through automations. Shortly after, I launched GAP Consulting to help hundreds of business owners harness the power of Airtable to do the same. 

In running GAP Consulting, I no longer schedule calls, chase payments, invoice clients, send re-schedule emails to prospects who don’t show, or collect testimonials.

Like a good virtual assistant, Airtable does all of this and more, saving me over 20 hours every week!

How can I help you get your time back?

Stop Struggling with Spreadsheets

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Helping You Build a More Profitable Business

If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that the WAY we work today needs to evolve if we want to stay competitive. I compare this to the way that the world changed during the Industrial Revolution. Suddenly, people were working on assembly lines and efficiency shot through the roof - the economy of the world grew rapidly!

Today we're on the precipice of the Automation Revolution. If you're able to lean into this new way of thinking, you can be one of the first to embrace a simpler, more streamlined approach to work.

When you learn how to use Airtable to automate repetitive, low-value tasks, you will revolutionize the way YOU work and build a more profitable business. 

Sam Davyson

Co-Founder, Stacker

Working with Gareth and team has been an absolute dream. We have formed a technology partnership with GAP Consulting that has helped us achieve our strategic aims and grow our business. Thank you so much!

Gary Stark

Founder and CEO, ClaimCrunch

Gareth's help and assistance has been unparalleled. Not only are his YouTube videos amazing, but I have contacted him with questions directly, and he has always been more than willing to help...Gareth is in business for the right reasons...true service to others.

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